shOCKing NewS373

sleepytobito3mon 11d

I have an unbelievable announcement.

You can play mafia wiTHOUT insulting people. You can avoid hurting someone's feelings and potentially being their last push to send them over the edge on a website for children??????

Players like Dasein, Ragefakar and Yoz don't want you to know this information.

I will 100% think anyone throwing insults around is scum and I don't mean scum as in mafia, I mean scum as in bad people overall. Stop it, get some help.

FlygonApr 30, 2020
you little a$$ kids are my children
can someone please call CPS?
ManDontCareApr 30, 2020
you, however, are definitely not my child. zero percent chance you come out the way you are with my genetics.
FlygonApr 30, 2020
never been happier to fail a (DNA) test in my life
ManDontCareApr 30, 2020
propaApr 30, 2020
ewww imagine being nice in games, anything game related is just game related
HibikiApr 30, 2020
ivanaApr 30, 2020
Shocking news: I'm gay.
schutzApr 30, 2020
gayMay 1, 2020
sleepytobito1mon 7d
feel like this is relevant again
How is this in any way a website for children
bansheewhat1mon 7d

this is a 13+ site. however, demographically speaking, probably around ~60% are 13-18, technically minors/ children.
no way i think 75% 18+