Setup name appearing as number2

bansheewhat3mon 18d

This is more of a print bug than a technical bug but on my profile under the favorite setups it appears as the "Setup #number" rather than its actual name (same thing in lobby tab on the bottom right portion).

When you hover over my created setups it appears as "Merlin is a cop" though.

All my other created setups' names looks normal, except this one. Please fix

Also do Seer flips as random town that are available in game or just blue? 'Cause it doesn't say in role description reee.

edit: nevermind lol i just unfaved, refresh, refave, and refresh it and voila it's normal now

Shwartz99Apr 27, 2020
seer only shows up as blue
bansheewhatApr 28, 2020!
Wow you're the creator of the role right? Can you update it's description?