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This thread will hopefully clear out all confusion and lack of information regarding the way we currently moderate meteor.

Before we get into specifics, please bear in mind that Gamethrowing is still a rule moderated before everything else based on intent. If a user commits one of the actions deemed as "gamethrowing" further down in this topic, however they do so unknowingly, without being informed and without the intention to disrupt gameplay, they are still NOT at fault and will not be punished.

This thread serves as a guideline as to what you can and cannot do when/before a meteor strikes. Please read carefully!

What is meteor?

Meteor is a game-mechanic that appears after 3 day/night cycles have passed without any action. Meteor can appear upon either allignment and is shown as a piece of text: "A giant meteor will crash down and cause everyone to lose if you do not take action!". What that means is that if no actions are taken after this message showing up, the game will end and both sides will lose.

What is considered an action?

Not every vote in the night meeting or every vote to lynch during the day is considered an action. The simplest way to explain it is - an action in regards to meteor is any action that results in the day/night ending with a different number of players. That is, someone dying or someone being brought to life. For clarity, we will go over what specifically is NOT an action:

During the day:

  1. No lynching
  2. Splitting votes equally, which forces no one to get lynched

During the night:

  1. No killing
  2. Splitting the kill votes equally
  3. Preventing a kill (which can be done by saving as doctor, drinking a lone mafia as drunk, vesting/hitting a vest when a blacksmith is present and perhaps a handful other roles not often used in ranked mafia)

When can you force meteor?

The general rule of thumb is that forcing meteor, causing everyone to lose, is considered Game Throwing. As this is a rule moderated on intent, of course everything is looked at case-by-case. We expect every player to try to win at any given situation, so as long as any other option gives any non-zero chance of winning, they are required to take that line of play and would otherwise be punished by a violation.

That being said, there is a case when forcing meteor is a justifiable play. When presented with a situation where taking action would result in you losing OR you facing an autoloss situation, you are allowed to force meteor, causing everyone to lose.

(Note: You are NOT required to force meteor when facing autoloss, you are allowed to kill into autoloss and give the opposing side a win instead of everyone losing SO LONG AS you are still losing in both situations).

Specific examples of lines are play that are/aren't accepted

(We can't account for every scenario over the millions of setups, some examples will be generic, but hopefully clear enough)

  1. Lone, non-ninja mafia at meteor with 3 bombs - killing would result in your loss and IS NOT gamethrow to force meteor.

  2. Lone mafia at meteor with 3 oracles - killing could result in your autoloss, however there is a chance oracle will not reveal you, thus forcing meteor IS gamethrow.

  3. Drunk at meteor with lone mafia, 4 or more players remaining - drinking confirmed (or confirmed to you only) mafia results in a definitive loss for everyone and IS gamethrow

  4. Drunk at meteor with lone mafia, 4 or more players remaining - if mafia is not confirmed (to you or to anyone) you ARE allowed to drink an unclear (or a clear for that matter) however you should aim to drink a town (thus, your townread) instead of a mafia (scumread), as the latter would end the game if correct and the former will provide you with a clear in the following day.

  5. Drunk at meteor with lone mafia and exactly 3 players remaining - Regardless of whether or not mafia is confirmed to you (though by reaching this stage, mafia should be confirmed to you) drinking mafia is NOT gamethrow, despite it forcing meteor, as you would be in autoloss if you do not.

  6. Mafia at meteor with a doctor/blacksmith and a clear pr - If the pr is expected to be protected (say, a cop or a celebrity as the only clear), hitting the protected pr will result in a loss for everyone. Unless every other action leads to your mechanical loss, hitting the protected pr IS gamethrowing. However if any other action leaves you with no chance of winning, hitting the protected pr IS NOT gamethrowing

  7. Doctor at meteor - saving anyone, regardless of them being clear or not, IS NOT gamethrowing

  8. Blacksmith at meteor - vesting anyone, regardless of them being clear or not, IS NOT gamethrowing

CitadelApr 24, 2020
If there are any changes to the way this rule is handled they will be specified here as we go