Virign and Wolf3

PikachUwU3mon 20d

When a virgin is lynched the wolf can still eat and become invulnerable in game.

DkKobaApr 24, 2020
this is normal behavior.
there are no kills but the other part of werewolf correctly choosing a role still takes effect.

when werewolf guesses a person's role, they:

attempt to kill(virgin prevents the kill)

then gain invulnerability
SeaHorseBoss15Apr 28, 2020
how does wolf gain invulnerability if they dont actually eat the flesh of anyone

big questions
PatrykSzczescieApr 28, 2020
Game mechanic doesn't have to make sense.

Upon correct guess, WW kills the target with strengthened power AND becomes invulnerable for the following day. (there are no ifs)

When virgin is lynched, all intended meetings are being done but no one dies during the night.