in 2 games at once4

Sophia3mon 25d

im rlly confused, i join this game at 9:15 and it lasts till 9:23 now HOW DOES IT SAY i hosted this game at 9:18??? i just wasn't in this game or aware of it going on??

alexandraApr 20, 2020
i don't know how to help you other than referring you to an exorcist cos your account is probably haunted
SophiaApr 20, 2020
GazaniaApr 20, 2020
I had issues before too that I made a game and like stayed in it while i left to the other game. the game filled and then i vegged because i was in the other one. i assume it is a bug like that. nathan or someone at the time said nothing could be done and you loose the heart
alexandraApr 20, 2020
it is true that we cannot do anything about suicides unfortunately