Movie Comment Post #110

deleted5mon 5d

Movies that meet these standards will be chosen for commentary by me:

  • Appropriate narrative, no gaps or inconsistency plot-wise, having a natural and good-flowing tempo as the story goes on

  • Good acting, having the right people doing the job

  • Creative, unique, thought-provoking in one way or another. Original. The opposite of recycling plots from other movies.

  • Good atmosphere, emotionally moving in some way.

  • Characters that are well-deisgn and felt real. Such as consistency in their personality and motives, and with their behaviors. Also being consistent of their goals as well.

  • Few or no scene that seemed wasteful, meaningless or does not seem related to the story.

Anytime I watched a movie that meet these things above I will write a comment. Let's see how many good movies I get to watch this year. I'd be expecting like 5-6 maybe, if I have time, maybe 10.

Comments are really subjective so I might write in any length I feel like it. Since school will start soon I might not do this as often, but I hope you will still enjoy my post if you are reading this. And thank you for reading.

:3 :3

Next movie watching day: 25th April, 2020

toxic1Apr 19, 2020
i love this
mitraApr 20, 2020
shrek 2
MaladyApr 20, 2020
One Upon a Time in the West
FlygonApr 20, 2020!
lars and the real girl
MemojiApr 20, 2020
Clockwise26Apr 20, 2020
The Machinist
Doesn't cover all your points, but I think point 2-3-4 are all there.

Also, but it may be harder to find considering is an old foreign movie, Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion, which is mostly about the thought provocation and originality (for the time, there's definitely been movies with a similar idea since, i can think of a couple, but it's still original enough to see today tbh)

Pretty much covers all your point, more flow and pace than the previous two, maybe less ''original'' in how the characters interact, but still a great movie
SonginApr 20, 2020
deletedApr 25, 2020
I've watched The Big short (2015) and I'm going to write about it maybe tomorrow.
deletedApr 25, 2020!
This(The Big Short) was something I've already watched weeks ago. After this one, I'm going to later pick on among the recommendations I get above.
deletedApr 29, 2020