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Zetonate3mon 20d

Whatup y'all, I just bought a spaceship of a laptop yesterday and I have no idea what to play on it. Let me know what you would recommend, I'm open to almost anything at the moment.

AceApr 19, 2020
gonna hve to give my top tier recommendation of maplestory
deletedApr 19, 2020
tf2, dishonored, minecraft obvs, super meat boy, stardew valley, nuclear throne, pathologic, and i would put this at lowest recommended out of these but fiesta online if youre into dead mmorpgs
AceApr 19, 2020
i def second stardew valley, hundreds of hours into a game on both switch and desktop that's rly worth putting your heart into tbh
calpisApr 19, 2020
calpisApr 19, 2020
appleApr 19, 2020
i will suggest the least technologically demanding games i know.

rpgmaker classics! ib, alicemare, mermaid swamp, the witch's house, and also definitely the lieat trilogy despite not being quite as classic its my favorite ever. all of these are free!!!

and crypt worlds. play crypt worlds.
LeChuckApr 19, 2020
I'd recommend The Stanley Parable (although you might wanna wait until the release of the ultra deluxe version) and the beginner's guide. Good pieces of art.
If you're more up to something comedic and story driven I'd recommend Edna and Harvey: The Breakout and the sequel Edna and Harvey: Harvey's new eyes.
If your laptop is an actual spaceship I'd recommend Beat Saber. Gameplay wise it's simply the best and since you are playing on PC, the mods and custom maps will keep you playing until your muscles are too sore to even twitch.