NIER Automata2

game with hot robots and a dysfunctional nine-year old looking one, who's played? just curious

FlygonApr 10, 2020
i actually just completed it like a couple of weeks ago and honestly i found it overhyped. gameplay's good for a JRPG but bad for an action game, if that makes sense. and ending e (basically the true ending) is very disappointing imo.

i say play it if you're curious and it's on sale, but there are better yoko taro games.
FirstmousevsthemadApr 10, 2020
Oh yea i've already played through the whole game, I just wanted to see if anyone else did cuz i dont really hear people talking abou it. and yea, i agree with ending e being disappoint tbh, it just felt really lacking :/

anyway im just gonna play god of war next