🌙 movie nights44

kaworu4mon 7d

I'm bored and I have a trast.live subscription, so I'll be hosting movie/anime nights if anyone wants to join.

Movies/shows have to be on a free streaming service (viz, crunchyroll, HBO possibly?) or one of these:

  • netflix
  • hulu
  • disney+

Leave any movie suggestions below,, I can make a poll if anyone is interested

Poll for dates/times https://www.strawpoll.me/19729938

Discord server: https://discord.gg/fhFRDmw

kaworuApr 26, 2020
we're going to watch Gerald's Game at 7pm EST today! I'll open this link around 6:45pm EST: https://trast.live/sleepy9014
kaworuApr 26, 2020
the stream is open! https://trast.live/sleepy9014 starting when everyone's ready
kaworuMay 2, 2020
anyone want to watch The Half of It?
kaworuMay 4, 2020
we're watching this June 18