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Share all of ur favorite parts of em that are coded good

KikkoteXApr 16, 2020
Volley sucks at apex
IceBearApr 16, 2020
Cyborg dies when the charge counter reaches 0 except when a mafia visited him and causes the charge to become -1; in which case, cyborg becomes immortal.
himaApr 17, 2020!
could it have something to do with the game having to become unranked once someone suis (I mean, something wrong with that part of the code)? That's seemingly the only thing that changes about the game, OR the person not being able to vote in the meetings that they're in OR other people no longer being able to vote for the suier in meetings?
there have actually been tests conducted for literal years of the sui system by multiple different groups on the site, and afaik theyve never been able to tie the reason for suis to any one role, game type, or setup. from what i understand, suis breaking the game is completely random, and happens with little to no intelligible logic behind it. leave it up to phillip f*cking wang to create an utterly game destroying bug that is also somehow unsolvable. great job!

also in terms of all the bugs we're mentioning, i made a thread/pastebin to gather all that info together a while back (that i havent updated in ages LMAO). here it is if ur interested to see a lot more of the kinds of bugs we're talking abt
AlyssaApr 17, 2020
On that note lucid literally put out a reward to whoever can solve the sui bug a while back. It's that much of a brain scratcher.
SheffreyApr 17, 2020
what kind of award
theturningRAYApr 17, 2020
im still p sure it only happens in games where there are day actions
filkoApr 17, 2020
petition for lucid to give me & sheffrey access to the source code
TreeApr 17, 2020
petition for lucid to sell epicmafia to me for one haypenny
NimauApr 18, 2020
I've heard some people speculate that you are more likely to receive the role you just were in your last game, and while I've noticed it happening I figured it was just confirmation bias, because you remember when you get the same role twice in a row, but you don't think about it when you don't.

But I just checked and it's happened 3 times in my past 25 games and that just seems like a lot considering the number of roles in my setup, and there have been days where I've seen it happen 3+ times in the same day. And that's not including games I get Bride like 3 times in a row but that's what my tokens are on so. 🤷‍♀️
AlyssaApr 18, 2020
thought this had been fixed since i patched a bug that Denial uncovered couple months ago, but i could be wrong. at least, it was reported that it greatly reduced the number of lockups. if anyone can determine, step by step, how to reproduce the remaining suicide bug, let me know. a token reward awaits you if i can squash this out once and for all
This was from another thread from last June. Considering that lucid temporarily offered tokens for trophies in 2019 too and never got around to all the users I wouldn't exactly get my hopes up in the first place on getting those e-coins, but take this post as a sign that if anyone can successfully duplicate the sui bug, AND get lucid to fix it I'd go out of my way to help gift tokens, steam games whatever with a pretty decent amount of cash as a thanks to whoever fixed one of the worst bugs to ever plague epicmafia.
filkoApr 19, 2020
ZetonateApr 23, 2020
FuransuMay 11, 2020

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