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i like the challenge let's talk about it

samanthaJun 3, 2020
Jay carried the season
SkittlezJun 3, 2020
Jay carried the season
So annoying how they were targeted literally the whole time.
FlygonJun 3, 2020
this season had a lot of potential w/the format twist but hasn't lived up to that promise

also the editing kind of uh. sucks at times. why did they dedicate sooooo much time to kailah/bear + jenna/zach while giving ppl like caycee a nonpresence. i think bunnim-murray vastly overestimates how much the average viewer likes kailah, i've seen next to no one value her presence on the show since she's started doing these.
FlygonJun 3, 2020
*kaycee em mobile and blue lives
SkittlezJun 3, 2020
Kaycee was amazing on BB and she's had like no value in The Challenge
FlygonJun 3, 2020!
honestly i'm just glad wes learned from his huge mess w/saying davonne was gonna sic her thugs or whatever on him and is actively trying to damage control the hate towards josh

also yeah i don't watch BB but i got the vibe that kaycee was 90x more interesting than her edit was making her out to be.
SkittlezJun 4, 2020
I don't understand why Wes went for that red skull I mean I know it was probs scripted but still like you were actually working with Banana's
FlygonJun 4, 2020!
cool so that confirmed my suspicion from like two months ago that mouth intentionally spoiled the thread. what a cool dude he is.

either way, i'm mostly fine with how that played out. the finale would've been a foregone conclusion regardless after this episode.
FlygonJun 4, 2020
this isn't necessary to add but i'll just say that i don't know for a fact that mouth's post is a spoiler. but like. c'mon look at what he said and compare it to where we're at w/the competition. lol.
FlygonJun 16, 2020
i watched the most recent episode a couple of days ago. i still maintain that this season probably would've been leagues better if the cast hadn't played chicken w/the red skull twist
FlygonJun 18, 2020
why have they torpedo'd dee's screen time + confessionals since wes' elimination? like i get that they had a very strong dynamic, but you don't have to make her a ghost.
FlygonJun 18, 2020
like they legitimately didn't even show the aftermath with dee after being thrown in last episode. there HAD to be something there. why is the editing so stilted?
PincheJun 18, 2020
they’re editing her out as much as possible
PincheJun 18, 2020
FlygonJun 18, 2020!
oh i always knew she was messy on twitter ("rogan and me are trying for child" LMFAO) but i didn't realize she was also horrible about BLM. sucks because i thought she had potential to become another personality but it's on her for being antiblack.
FlygonJun 25, 2020
bayleigh kind of got the losing edit here, which sucks because i can empathize w/her. her social game was pretty much entirely reliant on wes and swaggy so like i can't say this was undeserved.
FlygonJun 25, 2020
also, i think the season went on for a bit too long. everyone's either going to be eliminted or have a red skull by the time the final happens at this rate, so it really dampens the impact the red skull twist could've had. i get that you can't do shorter seasons anymore with how much production costs on these shows now, but i would've liked it if we had maybe 1-2 less sets of eliminations.
FlygonJul 2, 2020
i'm fessy saying "butthurt"
FlygonJul 2, 2020
this season is so dark-sided for making me like rogan in any capacity
FlygonJul 2, 2020
"you took out a legend. and you... took out a guy who cries a lot" SCREAM