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Here you can find links to important threads, extra information, documents, and more in an easy to read list format. Please also read the comments for any amendments or thread changes not fixed in the OP

Site Rules and Reporting

  • Report System - General guidelines on how the report system and violations works.
  • Rule Clarifications - You can find rule clarifications for specific scenarios here.
  • Reporting New Players - An important notice on when and when not to report new players.
  • Appeal System - Information on how to appeal reports
  • Meteor Ruling - Rulings on what does not constitute game throwing when forcing a meteor. (Look in Rule Clarifications for meteor mechanics)

Competitive (Yellow Hearts) Information

Site Functionality

  • Whitelist Request Thread - Where you post if you share a connection to epicmafia with another user and are having trouble logging in as a result.
  • Broken Games - If your ranked or competitive game breaks, post it here for a refund. (Broken games are signified by a red flag next to it in the lobby).
  • EM Tags Thread - Tags for how to do things like add images, and bold text on the site.
  • Adding Players to Lists - How to add players to lists when using Game Mode in forum posts, as the search functionality for this is broken.


Helpful Guides and Information

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