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I realized I didn't really have one of these threads, may as well add one a year in even if there's only something to mention every few months. I'd like to take the time to outline some lobby-related things in the posts below.

AlyssaMar 27, 2020
For some clarity on a subject that has been weirdly debated for the past while, no, locked games are not going to be disabled in Sandbox. Sandbox is a much more open-ended lobby than Main meant to allow role experimentation, closed setups and friends groups to casually play together. Restricting one group of players who aren't breaking the rules for another group isn't going to help lobby activity either.

Spamming locked games(2-player or not) however is not allowed, especially with the intention of pushing active lobbies to another page. Please reach across to a sandbox or site moderator on these sort of issues(for the quickest response, join the Sandbox discord linked in the lobby description.)
AlyssaMar 27, 2020
Minigames are enabled/disabled in Sandbox depending more on the demand for them. While Games lobby is the more proper place for these games, some more popular ones remain enabled in Sandbox to allow the community to run these games more without having to worry about waiting a while to fill as most sandbox players do not take the time to visit games lobby.

Tiramisu, however, will not be enabled within the immediate future(outside of specific timeframes) as there are sets with slurs that appear on lobby page and have been abused by banned users; these games cannot be deleted from lobby page so the game will not be remaining enabled to reduce the ease of maliciousness banned users could cause.
AlyssaMar 27, 2020
These are the users who are currently banned from Sandbox, but are not currently site banned:

-Her(Upheld from a previous owner)
-PrinceAltoid(As of December 2019)
-lilin(As of December 2019)
-mtlve(As of March 2020)

While I am not going to list out here the reasons they are banned, it is not hidden either, I am willing to divulge information about their bans to any curious individually.

Users bans are subject to change, any updates to their statuses or additionally banned users will be shared within this topic.
AlyssaMar 27, 2020
On the final note of what I wanted to share with the Sandbox lobby, that on lobby wall drama and x-rated content.

The Sandbox team will not be constantly policing lobby wall any time drama happens; arguments are unavoidable and it is sometimes not our place to get in the way of a debate. However, if things cross into the lines of Harassment or Hateful Comments, we at that point would be privy to step in. As for the best amounts of accountability, you can file a report against a user sharing what rule they broke here and make sure to screenshot any supporting evidence of the rule breaking in your report. If you cannot file a report or want to remain anonymous, you can PM a site moderator(on the moderators tab when viewing the report page), however if it is for a Harassment violation your name will not remain anonymous; you can request a site mod to file something for you anonymously for most any other rule such as hateful comments.
AlyssaMar 27, 2020!
X-rated material will be moderated as stated within the site rules, lobby wall comments or things said in game are much less privy to being warned as Sandbox has always been extremely loose in terms of sexual content. Bear in mind, the inappropriate content rarely if ever encapsulates this kind of content. "Indecent in nature" part of the IC rule was added to tackle issues such of people trying to discuss pedophilia, not people making threads about the BDSM test.

That being said, the x-rated vio is still very much real and would be something that we would help moderate. Continuous sexual comments to people who have declared discomfort(especially in the case if a user is clearly a minor), may lead to a lobby/forum suspension depending on the severity and precedent of the case. This is a change in Sandbox moderation henceforth, we urge anyone to file a report for x-rated first as it is a way to make information publicly available and to establish precedent, however my inbox or any sandbox moderators' inboxes are always open for us to receive and review cases.
AlyssaMar 31, 2020
There is allowed a maximum of 5 setups that can be stickied/featured. However, there is an issue where I'm only allowed 2 of each(I'm guessing 3 were deleted in both categories and cannot be un-stickied). Until this is fixed the setups that will remain shared is the 6p, 8p, 12p and 3rd party battle royale setups as they are the variations of setups most often tried. (However these setups may be traded out for updated versions over time.)
AlyssaJun 3, 2020
Banned user Koala after a ban in main for continuous HC and harassment across the lobby/server to prevent a continuation of it in Sandbox.
Alyssa27d 8h
^Guy got perma-banned for being racist who woulda thunk
Alyssa27d 8h
Passed lobby ownership to Emma.


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