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Will you defend the Resistance from spies? or will you infiltrate the Resistance, and cripple it from the inside? Find out now!

  • 5 or 6 players: 2 spies
  • 7,8, or 9 players: 3 spies
  • 10 players: 4 spies

Several people are sent on a mission. They are selected by 1 person(that person can vote themselves), but they must be voted on by the entire group, who vote anonymously. Once on a mission, players can choose to fail the mission. If a single person fails the mission, the mission fails. (On missions with an asterisk, at least 2 fails are needed) However, everyone can see who was on a mission, and how many (if any) fail cards were played. The resistance team is trying to pass majority of the missions, while the spies are trying to fail the majority. The amount of players that go on a mission change depending on which mission it is, and how many people are playing.

  • 5 players: 2,3,2,3,3
  • 6 players: 2,3,4,3,4
  • 7 players: 2,3,3,4*,4
  • 8 or more players: 3,4,4,5*,5

The game will be played on discord. You do not need a mic, but it would be nice if we could actually talk.

PetRockMar 26, 2020
Please leave a comment if you would like to join
Only 10 spots left!
joqizaMar 26, 2020
I'll sign up to play since it would be cool to play these kind of games w more sandbox ppl but you might have a hard time filling this gl though
PetRockMar 26, 2020
Only 9 spots left!
babybaby73Mar 26, 2020
Yeah I'll do it
PetRockMar 26, 2020
Only 8 spots left!
biancagMar 26, 2020
sure ill play
PetRockMar 26, 2020
Only 7 spots left!
deletedMar 26, 2020
ok i'll play
PetRockMar 26, 2020
Only 6 spots left!
3eveeLuvMar 26, 2020
seems interestingi guess
jacobkrinMar 26, 2020
PetRockMar 26, 2020
Only 4 spots left!
3eveeLuvMar 26, 2020
give me a tag.. i insist
PetRockMar 26, 2020
PetRockMar 26, 2020
^^^ u cant sign up then not check the email or the actual forum u used to sign up!


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