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alexandra5mon 27d

This section is for site complaints that have to do with moderation or user issues. This is not the forum section for:

  • Reporting another user for breaking one of the site rules
  • Harassing and/or abusing any player or moderator for any reason
  • Detailing any programming bugs or site malfunctions

Any reports for violations of the site rules can be filed via the process listed in this thread:

If your complaint is report-related, please refer to the appeals process and address it there prior to posting here:

Any bugs can be detailed and explain in this forum section:

Any harassment is not allowed anywhere on this site! Don't do it!

If you are lodging an actual complaint, please carry on and post a thread. If your complaint has been thoroughly addressed, or if your complaint doesn't fit within the above guidelines, we will lock your thread. If you feel like you still have more to add or ask once your thread is locked, you can reach out to a moderator or admin for further assistance:

Thank you for your cooperation!

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