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Expected activity is minimum of 15 posts every 24 hours.

The Plot

The Resistance is a group working to overthrow a dystopian government. It currently has nine members allowed to go on missions. What they don't know is their group has been infiltrated by three government spies working to sabotage them.

Nine players.

Six Resistance Operatives.

Three Imperial Spies.


For three to five rounds, players must depend on each other to carry out missions against the government. At the same time, they must try to deduce the other players’ identities and gain their trust.

Each round begins with a leader. When ready, the leader will propose to send players on a mission. This is called an assignment. Everyone votes on whether or not to approve the assignment. If an assignment fails, the role of leader will pass on to the next person. Once an assignment passes (simple majority), the chosen players secretly decide to pass or fail the mission. Based on the results, the mission succeeds (Resistance Operatives win) or fails (Imperial Spies win). When a team wins three missions, they have won the game.

Leading A Round

The order of leaders are randomly selected.

As leader, you have a maximum of 24 hours to propose who will go on the next mission. To propose a finalized list for everybody to vote on, please bold a list of player names using the [b][/b] command. When you have submitted names in bold, that is the assignment that will be voted on. Each assignment requires a specific amount of players.

*Each mission will fail with only one vote to fail, except for mission four which takes two "fail" votes to fail.


When an assignment has been put up to vote, players have 24 hours to vote on it. Players must bold their vote by surrounding the word "Approve" or "Deny" with the [b][/b] command. This is done publicly. When you have submitted your vote in bold, your vote is locked in and cannot be changed. The order or time you vote is at your own discretion.

Should everyone's vote be in earlier than the deadline, or a simple majority be reached before everybody votes, we will automatically move on to the next phase, whether that be the next leader (which means the assignment was denied) or the mission (assignment passed).

  • If the assignment is denied, leadership is passed on to the next person in line. If 5 assignments in a row are denied, the Resistance has taken too long and the government will grow too powerful to beat (Imperial Spies win).
  • Should an assignment pass (by a simple majority), we move on to the mission!


Players that were selected to go on the mission will PM me their vote to pass or fail the mission. These players will have 12 hours from the time the assignment was passed to vote. Public discussion can take place as normal during this time.

Resistance members must always succeed a mission. Spies can vote to either succeed or fail the mission. Resistance members are still required to message me their vote.

The result of the mission will be publicly revealed. The host will reveal the vote tally. The next round will immediately begin with the next leader.


  1. You are allowed to say anything, to any one, at any time -- as long as it is said publicly on this thread.
  2. Do not edit or delete your posts.
  3. The spies know who the other spies are, but the Resistance does not. Spies may not communicate anywhere outside of this thread.
  4. You must meet the deadlines of voting within 24 hours for assignments and 12 hours for missions. Some flexibility will be provided but let's also keep the game moving or you may be replaced.

Your immediate removal from the game is at the discretion of the host for breaking any of these rules or general disruption, in which case a back-up player will take your place.

Win Conditions

  1. If 3 of the 5 missions succeed, the Resistance wins the game.
  2. If 3 of the 5 missions fail, the Spies win the game.
  3. If 5 assignments in a row are denied, the Spies win the game.
Thirty13d 7h
That’s not how you use that word. Jesus Christ.
I'll play
Thirty12d 23h
Game will start tonight then, I can take up to two more people if anyone else signs up by then.
tough12d 22h
thirty let your haters kick rocks and mute them. let them feel inferior to you, just like they are in real life. you gotta bust those egos who let themselves feel impactful on the internet. just had to say that. have fun hosting your lil game :)
axemblue412d 12h
Where is your Survivor game
WindowsXP12d 8h
damn remember when thirty said he'd host the game "tonight"
asumi12d 7h
Hi can i join? Im new to this game is that ok?
Senty is a resistance.
er wait my b.
wrong acc.

Senty is a resistance.
Thirty11d 20h!
damn remember when thirty said he'd host the game "tonight"
People need to confirm and I had more interest than I anticipated. No need to be so rude, especially as a mentor of this site. Have a little self respect!

Hi can i join? Im new to this game is that ok?
Of course! Messaged you!
asumi11d 17h
Are we starting?
crackheadx11d 16h
asumi11d 16h
Are we starting I think im all set
warm11d 16h
my friend told me to join so if you need another
Skittlez1310d 10h
This really flopped didn't it
Senty10d 10h
qt candy
Thirty10d 10h
Okie never confirmed so we only had 6 people, sorry. Nicol was apparently going to sign up and has not.


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