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Recidivism14d 15h

I've made a modestly handsome profit so far investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency during this coronavirus market crash. I cashed out what I initially paid in and I am now reinvesting the profit, playing with house money, and trying to build a portfolio.

I can give you a referral link for coinbase and we both get 10 dollars in bitcoin when you purchase 100 dollars of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Now is the best time to be investing in cryptocurrency (at least it has been paying off for me handsomely so far).

If you are interested in investing 100 dollars in cryptocurrency through coinbase please let me know.

Even if you lose some money on the investment, it is likely to be only a portion of the 100 dollars you put in, and the potential for profit is huge.

I can give you a referral link and we both get 10 dollars in bitcoin when you purchase 100 dollars of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

I understand that these referral things usually aren't worth the trouble. But I am not typically someone who posts stuff like this. This is an opportunity to make 10 free dollars of actual cash which is likely to grow in the future.

Even if you don't feel like investing, you can buy in the 100 dollars, receive your free 10 dollars in bitcoin, and cash out ASAP. You'll basically make 10 dollars free.

Giga1313d 18h
What your personal ROI is (let alone on a single trade) should have no bearing on anyone else's decision to invest, and suggesting that it should is very irresponsible.
Coming to epic mafia for stock and investment advice is even more irresponsible lol
Giga1313d 18h!
Also why is the EM subforum for everything now lol
Why would you invest in crypto when the stock market has plummeted? Just wait for the pandemic to blow over and buy large cap stocks at a discount.
I agree 100%

There's never been a better time to buy in stock
Although I'm not opposed to buying bitcoins at all
Torreador13d 16h
Of all the attempts of joke topics you made Recidivism, this is probably the tasteless.
Spoopie13d 16h
yes Recidivism. This is the tasteless. very the tasteless. Unhapp