Sandbox ban25

4everhis14d 17h

I was site banned for like 1.5yrs because of my depression. I appreciate the admins unbanning me recently. I am not a harm to the site, as I am not depressed now. That being said I am now banned from Sandbox now because Alyssa does not want me around. alyssa i am like not a harm to this site, and if you tried to get to know me at all you would know this. Talk to people like Shwartz to get the truth.

Shwartz historically tried to get me unsite banned and just main banned so I could play in sandbox. He knew that I was okay there, and I never had issues in sand. People are more laid back and kind there, so I would like to play there some. its also a better place to play some games.

Please free me to join you all. its one click to ban me again so you have nothing to fear. I would also help the games fill more when the americans are all sleeping, so this would actually help the lobby

P.s. i have some avi and no avi accounts but would have avi ones in sand.

I want to bawk at lechuck. Talk with friends like bappho. Play dice wars and more. please free me for sandbox fun

4everhis13d 4h
its not a risky decision when all you have to do is ban me in one click. most likely if something happened again anyways it just involves the mods and report system and would never be seen in sand

why not unban and just ban again....
4everhis12d 20h
hey Alyssa, the player who i mentioned int he post is about banned user not somebody random with 1 violation. so you essentially saying their ban doesnt matter while mine does.
Former banned user =/= current banned user. It's a title both of you share.
clearly you just want me banned in sandbox still so you can call me a banned user. you are very classy
Alyssa12d 20h!
I'm calling you both former banned users(from main, anyways) as a slight to nevermaf. Don't lose any sleep over this one.

Edit: To @ your post below since you've locked this topic, I'll walk you through the context.

Nevermaf said "the player who i mentioned in the post is about banned user". He was calling you a banned user. I said "former banned user =/= current banned user" which, within context, is calling you both former banned users. There is nothing personal between me and you regarding your ban despite how much you want to spin it that way, it's not the truth. You have your answer as you STILL show the same tactics you've used on prior and current site admins. This sort of behavior is why I'm incredibly cautious about unbanning you.
4everhis12d 20h
You called me a banned user and not a former banned user. That is offensive. you clearly just wanted me banned though. you know that you can ban me again in 2s but you cant have me around because you hate me
charley12d 19h
We unbanned you from the site and are allowing you to play on the conditions that you stop with the emotional manipulation because it is a safety risk to the user base. This means you can freely play in main lobby.

Sandbox belongs to alyssa. Alexandra and I are in agreement that she can decide who plays there and it has nothing to do with us. We will also work closely with alyssa to make sure she gets the alt checks that she needs in order to keep the people banned from sandbox out of there.

It is completely her choice and that will not be changed.

If you have any concerns or questions about anything other than this please feel free to pm me about it and have a nice day!