EpicMafia Ranking List3

shadeScRiPt15d 6h

They said they won't update their list anymore and do a ranking, so I will do my own ranking and say what I see. If I am wrong, you can challenge me. If I haven't play a game with you then you can't be on here sorry. I will update this every day.

  1. shadeScRiPt (that's me)
  2. staypositivefriend (she is smart and knows when i am real cop)
  3. Flygon (he's a funny guy)
  4. ilario (can't read but people like to vote with him)
  5. MDCfan (brings good vibe and energy to game)
  6. pisces (mean to me)
  7. ragefakar (he got banned rip)
  8. RohiniN (very funny girl)
  9. ivana (she try to kill a blue)
  10. dexter (his name too long and too many letters)
  11. ManDontCare (he stopped making the list)
  12. ryu (she doesn't talk much)
  13. bewildered (he is very bad and a troll)

Okay, so thanks for reading everyone.

deleted15d 6h!
thank you for appreciating my energetic contributions to the tables i join :)
pisces15d 5h
i am not mean what do you mean
RohiniN11d 3h
omg u think i'm funny wait that's so cute