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Hi! Welcome to Werewolves Vs Mafia

Signup thread: https://epicmafia.com/topic/94438



  • Obey all Site-wide Rules.
  • You may not quote private communication of any kind. This includes moderator-supplied information (either real or fabricated) of any kind. Paraphrasing (for role claims, etc.) is acceptable.
  • There is to be NO personal communication outside of the forum postings unless your role PM specifically allows it.


  • Deadlines for this game will be 5 days for Day Phases and 36 hours for Night Phases.
  • If you have a role with a Night action your choices are due to me by the posted deadline. If I do not receive your choice via PM by the posted deadline you will forfeit your actions.
  • Night can be accelerated by having everyone DM me to have a quick night. Otherwise night will end at the deadline.

Player Actions/Voting/Player Death

  • A simple majority of all living players must agree on one person (via voting) for a Lynch to occur (simple majority = ½ # of living players +1, rounded down). If no one has a simple majority of votes at deadline a No Lynch will occur.
  • Votes must be bolded or be in red to be counted (e.g. Vote: Player or Vote: Player
  • Unvotes are not necessary before changing votes.
  • You may Vote: No Lynch - a simple majority of these vote types are required to send the game to Night phase without a Lynch.
  • Votes made using nicknames or abbreviations will be counted at my discretion. Fake vote gambits should be executed at your own peril. If I think its a vote, then its a vote.

Setup Information

This is a multifactional 2d3 setup, which has 13 total players. 2 Mafia, 2 Werewolf, and 9 Town.

  • A setup will be generated based on 4 dice rolls of a d3. The first d3 will determine which mafia PR will be added, the second determines which 2 town PR roles are added, the 3rd and 4th will do the same but for werewolves. Role tables are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AAMzUh2i8pVJsdjikuMgs0em81yvZTy-Cc7zk9xIawE/edit# The other 7 roles will be: 1 Mafia Goon, 1 Werewolf, and 5 Vanilla Townies.
  • Players will receive a PM with the role they have been assigned after the setup is determined.
  • Both Mafia and Werewolves have daytalk, which means they have a private chat setup for them to discuss during the day.
  • The game will be daystart
  • Werewolves and Mafia are competing against eachother. They cannot win together. Town must eliminate both factions to win, while WW and Mafia must eliminate the other faction and also gain majority over town.

Sample role PM doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AAMzUh2i8pVJsdjikuMgs0em81yvZTy-Cc7zk9xIawE/edit?usp=sharing

I will be attempting to update the vote count every 5 pages as well as reminding players of deadline. Remember, that you do not need to use all 5 days of day to determine a vote, you can hammer lynch before then. It would be wise to signify how many votes someone is to being hammered by posting "L-#" when it is at 2 or 1 votes left to lynch to prevent a lolhammer. If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me on here or on discord: DkKoba#0420.

Events : Day 1: Page 1

Skittlez13 subs in for star in slot 13: page 29

Sonrio subs in for Shida in slot 1: page 111

Game is being remade. New thread link soon

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bruh who finna be here tho
if a number of people aren't going to play this one, may i suggest making the table a bit smaller? i think 13 people doesn't work quite as well for forum maf games
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honey will play again too because i said so
xXAyannaXx13d 16h
im finna invite ppl ngl
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i can ask my bf
marry13d 16h
he said “mmmm no”


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