Round 818 Discussion Thread!34

SinB16d 13h

Congrats to all three trophy winners of Round 816!







And an honorable mention to 4th place!


Featured Setup:

Good luck to the participants of Round 818!

Join the competition!

I also... didn't mean... I would actually choke...
Alyssa8d 5h
Show hidden postripping off sandbox lobby polls as usual
sandbox is full of freaks
Phoebo7d 22h!
GardeningPapa built up like in Dice Wars and then bam ° °
SinB7d 19h
very interesting top 3 at the moment
Amoris7d 15h!
congrats weeb the syd
JM1237d 13h
>be me
>needs 62 points to be in trophy position (for now)
>plays the last heart in the only setup its possible
>just need to flip town, cmon its a 7/10 chance
>roll maf
Giga137d 11h
Congratulations to all the winners!
vibrant7d 8h
gotta silver trophy on Pinacolada, my first account, wayyyyyyyy back, then I got hacked (rip) and lost it. since then, I got a bronze trophy on Lemonsider years ago and that was exciting, but I think I am finally reclaiming my silver and I am so happy cuz silver is way prettier!!....... and feels like the one I lost! thank you everyone who has played with me and been kind and supportive even when I've been dumb! and people who have called me a good player, because that is a great feeling. I have been off em for years until these past few weeks when i decided to run because of CoVid stuff, and I have had a great time :D

Also huge congrats to GardeningPapa and numb3r5, GREAT players!

matt7d 8h
W2g Alexa
SHERK7d 8h
that FEEL when mouth is listed on matts post and reggie bear is not

can we play janitorial this circlejerk day until someone comps something?
SinB7d 4h
JM1237d 1h
time to win 2 trophies in a row now. #quarantine
no sucess this time folks but we were close and had a lot of fun

congrats to the winners
What is your favorite Animal Crossing village fruit? (suggested by some of the mods on the team)