Main Lobby Mass Unban133

alexandra6mon 20h

Hello everyone,

In order to bring activity to the website as well as show some mercy while large parts of the world are social isolating/in quarantine, we’ve decided to do a mass unban.

Non-permabanned users who were banned for things outside of OPI/harassment/racial slurs are receiving an unban with a 1 vio leash until their original unban date. This means if you get a vio before your original unban date, you’ll be rebanned until that date. You will also keep all of your violations.

This only applies to main lobby game bans, not forum/chat/comment bans. It also only applies to bans given before this post was made.

Please post here on behalf of users that would like to request leashes (this will not be considered a violation of the bypassing rule) or have them message alexandra and charley. Each case will be reviewed and if they’re eligible will be unbanned and given a leash. We reserve the right to turn someone down based on discretion in extraordinary circumstances.

edit: downvoting requests that we've reviewed

calciumkidApr 10, 2020
dclfApr 10, 2020
ivanaApr 10, 2020
GretchenWienersApr 10, 2020
KamariApr 11, 2020

GerryApr 11, 2020
Unban using caps in games
MoriApr 11, 2020
Show hidden postDo not unban using caps in games
KreateApr 12, 2020
Show hidden postPlease unban Ecentrik
blacksnakemoanApr 12, 2020
Please unban Ecentrik
is that your alt or an old player?
UpgradeApr 12, 2020
Show hidden postOld player.
HyperLithicApr 14, 2020
Show hidden postunban cory xdddddddd
dclfApr 15, 2020
alexandraApr 15, 2020
if someone that was banned prior to march 21st wants a leash, they can feel free to reach out to myself/charley - going to go ahead and lock this now as it's probably reached most of the eligible players that still pay attention