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I need a place to publicly call out this site's bullshlt.

3/18) JFK is still not comped.

3/19) Some recent trophy winners OGI'd. Some were DQed, others were not.

3/20) Some really stupid and incompetent children are being modded.

3/21) The Survivor lobby died because Team Circlejerk votes off new people and circlejerk until they make it to the final four together (example group: Charley, Meg, Alyssa, Nicole)

3/22) Violations are arbitrary and depend on whether the moderator doing the report likes you.

3/23) Marry "accidentally" forum banned me for 24 hours with "no way to undo it." Moderator incompetence at its finest or something more?

3/24) For a bunch of circlejerkers that claim to be inclusive and loving, not allowing non-binary players to join the newlyweds game is disgusting.

3/25) Spirit is a mod hiding on an alias because they are universally hated on their main account. They are a terrible person, a trash tier mafia player, and likely a token marginalized person.

3/26) >Be Charley >Site is dying what do we do >Wait I have a brilliant plan >Unbans toxic users >Toxic users are still toxic >Surprised Pikachu face >Flips shit and locks all complaints threads

3/27) WindowsXP was made a site mentor while having a cheating violation. Ineligible to trophy all the way through July. If that isn't nepotism I don't know what is.

3/28) Banned accounts that reached 8 violations got 1 violation forgiven this week, but what about players with less than 8? No reprieve for them? That's the justice system at EpicMafia.

3/29) The rules on this site are terribly outdated, incomplete, and grossly misleading. Why won't the site admins update the rules? There are so many 'unwritten' rules of which new players aren't aware when they join. A step in making EM friendlier for new players would be to comb through the rules and update them for everybody. I've began to do that here!

3/30) Forum games are a massive circlejerk at the moment. They should be for everyone, but the libs only let their other lib friends play.

3/31) The 'tier list' topics are straight out of middle school. The way everybody posts "hi" or "me" on them is cringe. The ratings you get are a popularity contest, not how good you are at the game. The people doing the rating are usually straight trash at the game, so what clout do they have rating you?

4/1) Today is April Fool's. The admins thought it would be a funny joke to "mod" me. They made me out to be one giant joke. Maybe next year's prank could be to add one - just one - competent moderator to their team.


4/3) Friendly reminder to everybody defending Sevenseas for mod!

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I was about to say flygon, sure someone would have reported you lmao
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all i did was post a HARMLESS and INFORMATIVE youtube video...
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I created a forum topic about GaryThompson in January which you can read here:

GaryThompson was a gamethrow account. He got away with it for over 1000 games before being banned. He ruined comp rounds and the overall user experience for months.

Now he's a moderator barely two months after the fact under the name Sevenseas. Sevenseas has a history of evading his site ban.

I have two hypotheses:

1. He must have blackmail against Charley, Alexandra or Lucid.
2. He's a friend in the inner mod circlejerk that has been in cahoots with mods and admins since GaryThompson's inception. This means the mods were picking who trophied for many rounds by having GaryThompson throw towards certain people.

That would explain why GaryThompson was constantly no vio'd and got away with gamethrowing for over 1000 games. The account was only banned after it was "retired." Even then, Sevenseas was allowed to keep playing on his other account.

We are discussing on this official conspiracy topic:
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Friendly reminder to everybody defending Sevenseas for mod!
im homophobic so i support it