HydraVivor (S1): Patagonia1

ogwam6mon 5d

We are now casting for our first season of HydraVivor! HydraVivor is an Online Reality Game that will follow the format of Survivor except with even more fun twists and turns castaways will have to work around! Contestants will compete in tribal and individual challenges and try to socially maneuver themselves to avoid getting voted out - but in the end only one will be able to earn the title of Sole Survivor!

Join ogwam, alissa, jules, mandos, miguel and sakin for an adventure of a lifetime in the region of Patagonia! And don't forget to join the server whether it is to apply for the season or watch how the battle for survival turns out as a viewer!

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/W6PW5Qh

Application Link: https://forms.gle/nicjSQTq7u9YaXzs6

KnifeMar 20, 2020
Hail Hydra