Sandbox Big Brother 9: Applications9

SirAmelio11mon 25d

The Hosts

SirAmelio, nattless, XFire, ogwam

Zarfot, dooze, verumbark


Welcome everyone to a new Sandbox Big Brother Season!

This is Sandbox Big Brother 9!

In this season, we are accepting applications from newbies only! Meaning if you have already played SBBB in the past, you are not allowed to apply!


This is a Big Brother game that will last for around 2-3 months and will be played over Discord.

You should know that even though you will need a Discord account for this, its still a text-based game and you won't need to be on call or cam if you are not comfortable with it.

The application date is from today until April 17th. The game will most likely start on April 24th and it will last for around 2-3 months, for those who make it to the final rounds.


This season we will award the winner with $20 USD.


Players NEW to the series only


If you applied for a previous season but you were ultimately not cast, you must apply again.

Discord Server


Note that you might be asked to identify yourself if hosts don't recognize you!

aquariusMar 14, 2020
uprizzle is my favorite player
ogwamMar 15, 2020
uprizzle is my favorite uprizzle

(hi xfire)
GyroGearlooseMar 15, 2020
player is my favorite player
doozeMar 15, 2020
emmaMar 15, 2020
hi xfire
SirAmelioMar 24, 2020
ogwamMar 24, 2020
nekkid grammaw
OikawaTooruMar 28, 2020
SirAmelioApr 16, 2020
Last 24 hours ish to apply!!!!!
Who is your favorite Player of the Season in SBBB?