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This is my first personal thread. It's for posting my art when I feel like it. Realistically, however, I'll just do whatever whenever I feel like itâ’¶

Feel free to ask me for opinions or anything.

LeChuckMay 14, 2020
hapy pre-parsnip season
Thank you! Happy pre-parsnip season to you too, my artistic crustecean friend.
LeChuckMay 16, 2020
Just as the semester started insomnia wrapped me in her cold, rickety arms again. Maybe I should just give up and vegetate until starvation._.
AlyssaMay 16, 2020
I'll stay up with u...
LeChuckMay 23, 2020
The minister president of my state wants to end lock- and shutdown on June 6th. I can't wait to go swimming again :D
quasimodoMay 23, 2020
i hate swimming. check this out: In the 18th century, wealthy British landowners hired ornamental hermits to live in their gardens.
LeChuckMay 27, 2020
getting so tired I'm slowly losing my grip on reality. Last time I was this tired (about 3 years ago) I was kinda scared of that but rn I'm just fascinated by the human mind (also super stressed ofc). I wonder where this is heading
LeChuckMay 27, 2020
adult swim is reviving tuca and bertie. sometimes good things can happen.
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