Mentor/Mentee Sign-Up Thread85

wink4mon 5d

We are currently looking for both mentors and mentees. For more information on the mentoring system and how you can become a mentor, please see

(Do not put mentor applications in this thread, it is reserved for mentee sign-ups!)

The mentoring system is designed to help less-experienced players improve in different areas of gameplay. Mentors are able to join your games and assist you if you have any questions about how a game is going. Be sure to communicate to your mentor what you feel your strengths and weaknesses are so they know what to focus on when helping you. If you have any questions about the game, please don't hesitate to message any of the mentors listed to the right.

To sign up as a mentee:

Please post your mentee applications in this thread, or via PM to wink.

  • Main username:
  • Discord:
  • Type of mentorship: [Basic, Intermediate, Advanced]
  • Availability:
  • Timezone:
  • Anything you want your mentor to know?

You will be assigned a mentor shortly after posting, thank you for your patience! :)

MonteCarrlo3d 13h
Main username: lilies
Discord: krista
Type of mentorship: medium
Availability: me im on here so often i could probably do any time, but i usually sleep somewhere around 11pm to 9 am every day, with fluctuating hours.
Timezone: PST
Anything you want your mentor to know? I mistake logic for AtE and ignore facts, please i need to know the difference
krista3d 13h
EST* but thanks monte!
yeasayer3d 12h
monte posted that from ihop's complimentary guest wifi, just ignore it.
elliotica1d 15h
can i be paired with zippy yet the dudes already mentoring me
Halifax1d 14h
can i be paired with someone people think im a gt account now because of how trash i am in comp


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