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GyroGearloose4mon 29d

Round 5: Songs with A Color in the Title

Judging Time: You have until June 7th at 11:59pm PDT to Critique, Vote, and Guess Erik's True Identity!

Round 1: Love Songs (3/16-3/25)

Round 2: Indie (3/30-4/8)

Round 3: Ballads (4/13-4/24)

Round 4: Foreign Language/Non English Songs (5/4-5/13)

Round 5: Songs with a Color in the Title (5/18-6/1)

Remember Sounds of Sandbox? It's back! With new hosts! New genres! And (hopefully) new players!


Who else would host Sounds of Sandbox 2 other than the 2nd place winner of Sounds of Sandbox? Dooze. Dooze would. Thanks Dooze for helping out!

Much like last year, we will have five rounds, lasting two weeks each. You'll earn points for performing and giving feedback to people. At the end of the game, the greatest songs will be selected for a "mixtape" of Sandbox's Greatest Sounds!

Also you get Nimau's heart if you win.

Now to plagiarize John a bit.

Anyone Can Enter; Anyone Can Win

Missed the pregame? No big deal. Players in Sounds of Sandbox can jump into the competition in any of the five rounds of competition. Don't normally hang in Sandbox? Now's your chance to make an impression.


Feel like a theme isn't letting you show your stuff? Submit a wildcard entry! Twice in a game, a player may submit a second entry in any genre of the player's choice. Perfect for those trickier rounds, or for when you want to REALLY show off.


In Sounds of Sandbox, YOU are the judge. YOU are giving that sweet, glorious feedback that your co-competitors so crave. And YOU help determine the winners.

Players earn points not only for submitting entries and winning rounds--they also earn points for giving each other feedback, so participation is a big thing!

Complete rules can be seen HERE (Thanks to John, Luis, and SteelixMega):

emsychum1mon 29d
oh my god im in last place <3 we love to see it
luis4rod1mon 29d
YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS, Congrats Jotaroo!!!!!!!!!!!
deleted1mon 29d
upvoting everybody's comments even though i physically can't
I APOLOGIZE I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A MISTAKE!! I accidentally gave points to bld instead of jotarooo

Our Third Place Winners are Actually MUSUME and ERIK! CONGRATS TO THEM!!!

And congrats to jotarooo for winning by EVEN MORE!

Congrats to bxlxd who got fifth as well
deleted1mon 29d
honestly going by a secret identity was fun. possible EpicMafia Masked Singer???
deleted1mon 29d
i will reveal myself later.
deleted1mon 28d!
Hello, I am mysterious user Erik, also known as SteelixMega. I recently turned 17 years old (on May 23), and I am from the USA. I have never had any musical background, and my family members are completely tone-deaf. I did theatre in high school, but the most recent thing we were learning before school was cancelled was musical theatre. i only had one week of musical theatre training, and since i was the only male/male voice in my class who had not taken choir, i was the only one not allowed to sing.

However, despite my lack of experience with singing and all of its miniature aspects, I am an amateur audio editor. I use a site called , and it is honestly a terrible audio editor in terms of its capabilities, but it can time shift and snip, so it works for the purpose of this competition. On top of audio editing, I am obsessed with statistics and statistics-based studies, logic puzzles, and sports, plus a little bit of songwriting in the background. In fact, my first wildcard entry was something that I wrote after I discovered a secret tunnel near my house, that had several graffitied phrases on the inside, such as "Eternity is a littany of infinitesmal pipe dreams".

In usual times, I reside in Main Lobby, but because I am banned for matters that are outside my control, I have to stay in sandbox. I also decided to be anonymous for the sake of this competition because I am paranoid that there are some people on this site who would do anything to try to defame me.

I do not think I will be able to be active on this site for that much longer because soon I will be going to Basic Training for a prestigious military college, and there are not that many opportunities available for me to actively participate in an online singing competition for a gaming site while training to become an officer in the Army.

You can see my face reveal and final comments video here:
shaii1mon 28d
shaii1mon 28d
sorry my cat ran over my keyboard and then i passed out.
so glad you arnt a no avi anymore
coolkidrox1231mon 28d
grats jataroo! a well deserved win and im happy i got at least top 3 in one of the round :D
Musume1mon 27d
good game y'all :+)
GyroGearloose1mon 27d
it's been amazing having all of you!!!
deleted1mon 27d
grats jataroo! a well deserved win and im happy i got at least top 3 in one of the round :D
i think I tied for fourth once with like 2 other people :D
deleted1mon 27d
Is someone able to compile all the votes and order everybody by the total number of votes?
deleted1mon 27d
Actually I’m going to do it right now
deleted1mon 27d
Okay in total votes in the whole comp:

1. jotarooo-26
2. luis4rod-24
3. Musume-15
4. nauta-14
5. bornxlivedxdied/perplexed-10
6. coolkidrox123/Erik-9 (if im going to be honest, 5 of them were me because that’s how tryharding works, 2 were my friends)
7. malones-8
8. vroom-7
10. hima-5
11. covid-4
12. dooze/bouquet/maxmillian-3
13. Ilobco-2
14. xela/kino/emsychum-1
deleted1mon 27d
honestly shoutouts to my friend perplexed who got more votes than me for only competing in 2 rounds
deleted1mon 27d
JohnMiller1mon 15d
I am just logging in now for the first time in months and seeing this

Well done, I wholeheartedly endorse this


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