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Round 5: Songs with A Color in the Title

Judging Time: You have until June 7th at 11:59pm PDT to Critique, Vote, and Guess Erik's True Identity!

Round 1: Love Songs (3/16-3/25)

Round 2: Indie (3/30-4/8)

Round 3: Ballads (4/13-4/24)

Round 4: Foreign Language/Non English Songs (5/4-5/13)

Round 5: Songs with a Color in the Title (5/18-6/1)

Remember Sounds of Sandbox? It's back! With new hosts! New genres! And (hopefully) new players!


Who else would host Sounds of Sandbox 2 other than the 2nd place winner of Sounds of Sandbox? Dooze. Dooze would. Thanks Dooze for helping out!

Much like last year, we will have five rounds, lasting two weeks each. You'll earn points for performing and giving feedback to people. At the end of the game, the greatest songs will be selected for a "mixtape" of Sandbox's Greatest Sounds!

Also you get Nimau's heart if you win.

Now to plagiarize John a bit.

Anyone Can Enter; Anyone Can Win

Missed the pregame? No big deal. Players in Sounds of Sandbox can jump into the competition in any of the five rounds of competition. Don't normally hang in Sandbox? Now's your chance to make an impression.


Feel like a theme isn't letting you show your stuff? Submit a wildcard entry! Twice in a game, a player may submit a second entry in any genre of the player's choice. Perfect for those trickier rounds, or for when you want to REALLY show off.


In Sounds of Sandbox, YOU are the judge. YOU are giving that sweet, glorious feedback that your co-competitors so crave. And YOU help determine the winners.

Players earn points not only for submitting entries and winning rounds--they also earn points for giving each other feedback, so participation is a big thing!

Complete rules can be seen HERE (Thanks to John, Luis, and SteelixMega):

doozeMar 10, 2020
LeChuckMar 10, 2020
jacobkrinMar 10, 2020
pickelsMar 10, 2020
nautaMar 10, 2020
wheeee. how do i sign up
doozeMar 10, 2020
wheeee. how do i sign up
sign ups after we choose categories!
Jake431Mar 10, 2020
DisguiserMar 10, 2020
Might f*ck around and toss my hat into the ring.
LeChuckMar 10, 2020!
wheeee. how do i sign up
sign ups after we choose categories!

Oh there are sign ups this time? I thought it was like last time were you could just drop in for a few rounds if you wanted since it's the same rule book... Are there other rules that got changed? And if so where can I read about that?
doozeMar 10, 2020
Sorry, no, you are right! There are no sign-ups, but you submit your songs after the theme is announced!
GyroGearlooseMar 10, 2020
dooze you are already letting me down and it has been two days
doozeMar 10, 2020
im.... doing my best.......
GyroGearlooseMar 12, 2020
ok i forgive u
GyroGearlooseMar 13, 2020
hey guys you only have ONE MORE DAY TO VOTE. a lot of things are tied right now so BREAK THOSE TIES
doozeMar 13, 2020
SteelixMegaMar 13, 2020
sorry i am GOLB. Turns out my new alt can't message because i haven't played games
banimeMar 13, 2020
@dooze i would like to sign up
doozeMar 13, 2020
reziMar 13, 2020
is a decent mic required
GyroGearlooseMar 13, 2020


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