My personal thread49

toxic11mon 2d

This is gonna be my first personal thread, i will be posting my favourite songs/etc, feel free to ask me questions

toxic19d 13h
just watched 'a dark song' and it's one of the most boring films i've ever seen, great acting though 3.5/10
Spooky9d 13h
You should watch The Purge
Spooky9d 13h!
toxic18d 13h
just watched 'don't breathe' , really good 6/10
what's your favourite movie/TV show on netflix?

it can be an all-time classic or something u like recently
toxic18d 19m
ooo that's hard
my favourite netflix show would probably be the haunting of hill house, but i dont really watch movies on netflix
toxic16d 15h
just watched 'swallow' 5/10
toxic12d 14h
just watched 'daniel isnt real' , i have a lot to say about this movie; firstly it's beautifully shot, directed, produced and acted, the aesthetics are on point and they portray mental illness in a captivating horrifying way. I loved everything about it . 7.5/10
toxic114h 35m
just watched 'compliance'. Definitely on my top 10 most disturbing movies, the fact that it's also based on true events makes it even more horrifying. 6.5/10