driver/drunk glitch11

bruceweyne4mon 9d

driver should've been killed here so town had another day but didnt happen. if driver dies if visited by drunk, how does this work exactly? does driver need to visit in their own meeting to be killed by drunk?

bruceweyneMar 5, 2020
sorry this should have been posted in bugs. can u move it for me please mods. thanks :-)
alexandraMar 5, 2020
i’m pretty sure it’s bc driver didn’t drive
alexandraMar 5, 2020
also moved
alexandraMar 5, 2020
how i understand it is that drunk visiting driver causes them to “drive drunk” and die, but that mechanic doesn’t apply if driver doesn’t drive

i might be totally wrong though
PatrykSzczescieMar 5, 2020
Fix drunk/driver description!
interestMar 5, 2020
how can u crash the car if its not moving

wake up stupid idiot words
PatrykSzczescieMar 6, 2020
As I said, description needs to be fixed.

For now, lynching roleblocked people with only driver left is like lynching inno reports with only lawyer left. It may lead to faulty violations.
PatrykSzczescieMar 26, 2020
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