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This is intended to be an in-depth guide on the competitive round system. For a beginner’s competition guide, see

Gold Hearts:

  • 5 gold hearts are added at midnight ET every day during the round
  • The most gold hearts a person can have at one time is 10
  • If someone has more than 5 hearts at midnight ET, they will lose any hearts that would push them over the 10 heart cap
  • Certain rule infractions can lead to a gold heart being refunded - see
  • Hearts that someone veg/suicides cannot be refunded to that user (no exceptions)
  • Occasionally, a glitch may occur that causes someone to receive extra hearts at the start of the round - in these cases, the user will be expected to refrain from using them and may be disqualified if they play them


  • The round begins 24 hours after the previous round ends
  • The round ends the day that someone reaches 2,000 points
  • Trophies are assigned at midnight ET the day the round ends
  • Any points earned after 11:59pm ET the day the round ends do not count towards the trophy point total


  • Occasionally, the round may be paused, either mid-round if there’s a valid reason to (ex. the site was down for 8+ hours) or at the end of the round to do cheating investigations
  • In the event of an end of round pause, someone who earns points/shifts their position on the leaderboard after 11:59pm the day the round ends (in a way that affects the trophy positions) will be disqualified from the round or have those games refunded to restore their leaderboard position


  • In the event of a tie for a trophy, the round will go on another day and everyone will receive 5 more hearts
  • The round will continue until there are no ties


  • Each trophier from the previous round picks 2 competitive setups for the next round
  • The setups must follow a specific set of guidelines - see
  • Competitive setups must be added prior to the start of the next round
  • Changing or adding new setups after the start of the round is not allowed and may be punished if it continues after being told to stop

Round Disqualification:

A round disqualification can occur for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Two game related violations across all accounts in gold heart games that round
  • Cheating across multiple gold heart games that round
  • Someone playing in their favor across multiple gold heart games that round (even without their consent/active participation)
  • An active trophy ban (see the cheating rule)
  • Multiple accounts in trophy positions (one person cannot win more than one trophy in one round - the trophier can choose which account to trophy on and which to take the DQ on)
  • Playing gold heart games with someone in the same household/under the same IP address or with someone else playing on one of their own accounts - see

We may add to/change the above guide as needed. If you have any questions or suggestions for additions to this guide, please contact an admin/mod:

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