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Uandens gripped the underside of a houseplant leaf he was dusting for support only to feel his fingers sink deep into the green flesh.

iDubbbzFeb 29, 2020
VolleyFeb 29, 2020
joqizaFeb 29, 2020
thought Uandens as his fingers sank deeper into the plant. Desperate, he tried to pull away, but his fingers only sank deeper. "NO!" he screamed.
iDubbbzFeb 29, 2020
Uandens hands would sink deeper into the plant, growing stuck. He looked both to the left and right in despair, looking for something to help him. Once again he shouted "NO!".
noshiFeb 29, 2020
"NOOOO!!!" Uandens screamed once more. "My life is over" he thought to himself, all his hopes and dreams suddenly shattering into a million little pieces. That was, until he realized that this sensation actually felt pretty good.............
tigermomMar 1, 2020!
Thoughts and memories went surging through his mind at lightning speed: the smell of apple lollies, his first school trip to the slaughterhouse, his first kiss, the huey limegreen of a danceclub in Berlin, and right before he was about to see **him** - he knew it, the chronology of his life rushing past him was nearing that moment, he didn't want to but there was an inevitability in his body, and maybe for the first time in months he'd be okay with it - everything went dark.

A slimy clasp surrounding him and a voice. "We've been waiting for you."


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