Crowd Sourced AI Dungeon67

deleted12mon 10d

We already did an AI Dungeon thing set in Epic Mafia, so I'd like y'all to write up a prompt for the next one. It can LITERALLY be anything.

Either write a full on prompt (e.g. you are a boy. you are in love with the orc queen. you must commit gay crimes.) or just pop in some suggestions and i'll put it together, ty

deletedMar 25, 2020
ShoopieMar 25, 2020!
Okay ask my harem to deliver a report on the religious war situation
deletedMar 25, 2020
abnormalvanMar 25, 2020
take advantage of the chaos to make some money
deletedMar 25, 2020
PetRockMar 29, 2020
get drunk and kill an irish person
deletedMar 29, 2020

the last one got de-hosted for some reason