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Tree5mon 21d

Hello everyone,

This is a game where everyone gets a new avi for idk a week or month or indefinitely.

Just say that you want to play in the comments below and fill out the form. I will use good ol random.org and give you a new avi!

Feel free to do whatever you want with the avis too.

Please note, that if you do not say you want to participate in the comments or by pm, then I will discard the google forum.


babybaby73Feb 24, 2020
hello yes I will play
deletedFeb 24, 2020
FuransuFeb 24, 2020
i want an avi gifted from tree
TreeFeb 24, 2020
pickelsFeb 24, 2020
im in
shaiiFeb 24, 2020
TreeFeb 26, 2020
VolleyFeb 26, 2020
i gon play but these AVIs better be good Twee
CatbugFeb 26, 2020
i thought this was where we mix up our AVIs with eachother to troll people
ABrickInTheWallFeb 26, 2020
i don know what this is but sign me up
ShoopieFeb 26, 2020
ill try too
ABrickInTheWallFeb 26, 2020
I am doing a thing where we actually switch avis. its also under games, but you actually get someone else's avi
BostonkidMar 3, 2020
hi yes i will play
TreeMar 4, 2020
ill do this tomorrow
caitelatteMay 31, 2020
hi tree did you do it can i play
Would you rather fight an army of Tree sized lucids or Lucid sized trees?