EpicMafia Battle Royale116

jacobkrin12mon 17d

the year is 2022... and sword art online is now real.

and unfortunately, someone decided to make epicmafia vr exist. why? because it'd be funny

people also thought it'd be funny to make the sword art online technology work with epicmafia vr, also another funny idea. except like sao you still died irl if you died in the game. lucid also changed the game's code to make it work with vr, including having 12 different teams instead of the few we have now

another change was making it a battle royale based on fortnite's popularity, but instead of a team winning if both win only the last person standing wins

will this end well? no

(oh right, might as well mention that i'm hosting this with the hunger games simulator, if you wanna join post your name + possible nickname if you want one, your gender (out of male, female, non-binary, neuter and pair), the district you want to be in along with potential district name if you're joining with someone else, and the picture you want used if you're not wanting your em avi used)

jacobkrinFeb 22, 2020

The end arrives.
reziFeb 22, 2020
imagining a bunch of idiots with vr headsets lying dead on the floor of a video arcade and the employees wondering what happened, they dont even stock grenades
jacobkrinFeb 22, 2020

The Lad Gang reigns supreme. There was no doubt about this, even from Lucid himself, as he knew about their power and influence.

Lucid arrived to congratulate slorp on her victory, while slorp was depressed by 23 deaths.
Lucid gave slorp one wish, and slorp used it. On what? Only slorp knows, in this dark dystopia of 2022.
jacobkrinFeb 22, 2020
here's the placements!

reziFeb 22, 2020
can we run it again
jacobkrinFeb 22, 2020
i could
slorpFeb 22, 2020
just alpha tings x
filkoFeb 22, 2020
this was fun
nautaFeb 22, 2020
i lost this game
shaiiFeb 22, 2020
time for sao 2: featuring Guns
TragicHeroFeb 22, 2020
thanks for hosting this for us jacob! :)
calpisFeb 22, 2020
doozeFeb 23, 2020
i really let slorp dom me like that huh
quasimodoFeb 23, 2020
quasimodo excels in first person games.
im glad dooze got her revenge. i was unhinged in this game. i shouldnt have been allowed to play. i went too far.
deletedFeb 23, 2020
i still think i had the most character development of this game. started by gathering with 3 randoms, we all share our goods, 2 of them think that this whole situation is too much to handle and put an end to their lives, the other one ends up getting killed in a conflict and all the people i properly talked to are now gone. i start giving up on life too but even that wish is refused. i start going insane and with that i end up killing my own ally. as people noticed my weird and very dangerous behavior, someone took the courage to put an end to me. thanks bye
deletedFeb 26, 2020
yes, i'm a psychopath... yes... i will kill you... what of it (:


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