Survivor Season 40 (spoilers)83

matt1mon 24d

This season is already epic. Who do you think is gonna win?

shady2d 16h
I feel like Tyson did pretty well for just coming back
Torreador1d 11h
Tyson basically has a guaranteed 5 votes if he makes it to the end, they're dumb if they let him anywhere near close final 6, especially since he's so strong at challenges

Fire token options postmerge seem kinda underwhelming, and they can't give advantages through Edge since there's already a few around :
-Jeremy has the walk off thing
-Sarah has a steal-a-vote
-Sophie and Kim have idols

guess they're gonna reshuffle a idol nullifier, maybe a vote block
they wouldnt let them save up all the tokens and hype them all up just for a nullifier or vote block, there has to be something big


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Who will win the two million dollar check?