Unable to change username colour3

I'm able to change my text colour but not the username colour.

Initially, when you load the settings page, the "change colour" bar won't appear. But when you make a change to the hex value, the box appears.


For username colour, when the hex field has five values, the box will appear.


However, when I fill in the last value and close the colour picker dialogue, the box disappears.

Tried on FireFox and Chrome.

twinfawn6d 23h
If the color is too light it won’t let you use it. try a darker hex code
Shwartz996d 23h
A hexadecimal color code has to be 6 values or it doesnt mean anything anyways.

If the hex doesnt work when you use this link (and replace the "hex" with your hex code) then like twinfawn said, its too light. The color picker is just there to help you choose a color that's not too light.
okay I didn't know about the too light part, I'll try and update :)