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Alyssa5mon 29d

first 30 gets ranked. this is heavily opinioned based on my perceptions of you and things I've witnessed either through the site, ill go more into detail below.

even if we're buds I may not rank nicely, I don't see "not qualified for epicmafia moderator" as a bad thing, more of a "it doesn't fit your personality" sort of thing.

Through ranking I'm going to look at 3 pieces primarily. How well would you handle game-related issues/reports, how well would you handle community-related issues/reports, and how active you are within the community/would be in mod chat.

This ranking will go on a 5-star system.

5 points means you go above and beyond in this category, something you'd excel at handling within the community regardless of the situation. This is of an extreme degrees of quality most would have trouble meeting.

4 points means you're above average in the community when referring to the 3 criteria, although "average" isn't much considering the EM community. This is more than satisfactory and means you're very good in this category.

3 points means you're sufficient within the category. You may treat reports like a robot, or may just really have the basics of an area down. I think this is the minimum bar to be able to mod well within a category.

2 points means you're below average. Not all hope is lost, but there's a lot of room for improvement. If it was reports, having something OT'ed or sustained would have about equal chance. This generally means that you're weak in the category.

1 point means you're of very poor quality within the category. This would often mean that, when acting about a subject you'd see a possible outcry from the community. If not stepping down, this category would easily signal the reason you may get demodded.

Half points means I feel you're stuck between these categories, and when modding you could go either way between the two; meaning that I feel that just giving you one of the numbers is too subjective depending on what may happen while modding.

deletedFeb 11, 2020
lol i deserve this ranking
SinBFeb 11, 2020
when you and emma are twinning :heart_eyes:
SonginFeb 11, 2020
give me 4s i demand it
AlyssaFeb 11, 2020
4s machine broke
jacobkrinFeb 11, 2020
aquariusFeb 11, 2020
wow i am pleasantly surprised. thanks
SpookyFeb 11, 2020
Show hidden postThanks for ruining my week
SpookyFeb 11, 2020
I apologize for my previous comment... was a bit mad
deletedFeb 11, 2020
how am I the lowest ranking but still i'm in the 6-8 points: Will be demodded/leave over time if improvement isn't made
~ tier.

how bad do you need to fit in 3-5 points: Likely to be demodded?
AlyssaFeb 11, 2020
Numbers are loose for the masses to find validation in them
MisterPresidentFeb 11, 2020
wow im high up
MisterPresidentFeb 11, 2020
Thanks for ruining my week
sl0ndermanFeb 11, 2020
feel bad for these people tbh
denialFeb 11, 2020
top 10 ranks will be offered a mod position
SkathiFeb 11, 2020
top 10 ranks will be offered a mod position
bottom 10 become admin
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nFeb 11, 2020
Do me
ivanaFeb 11, 2020
Thanks for ruining my week
Idk about you but my week was made. Lmfao
SpookyFeb 11, 2020
hiiiiiii ivana
BebopFeb 11, 2020


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