secret rankings PSY VERSION64

Psy12mon 24d

hey everyone i'm stealing grace's thread but instead of multiple ratings its just going to be one major thing you'll have to find out (: i will reveal what it is when i think the time is right.

appleFeb 9, 2020
How likely uou are to smell bad
appleFeb 9, 2020
PsyFeb 9, 2020
alright everyone thanks for everyone who posted. the criteria was me rating the back of your knees.

no i will not be taking questions or criticism at this point in time.
PsyFeb 10, 2020
ok im unlocking the thread real quick and changing spartaaaa's score to an 8 because he's following a professional career in back knee modelling and doesn't want this thread tainting his career. thx everyone!


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