Epicmafia Adventure #31,636

Arcbell8d 19h


An EM themed DnD-style adventure game. Post to join the adventuring party. Once you post, you will get a personalized choice of starting items, and once everyone is ready, the adventure begins.

You will perform actions by typing "-" then the action. I will then tell you the result of your actions, and roll dice if necessary. I will try to keep a realistic time sense, giving everyone time to act in parallel. In practice this means there is sometimes a significant delay between players posting their actions and the results being played out.

Be advised that you cannot take back your actions once you perform them, and that success or even advancement past the first room is not guaranteed to your party. The game isn't trying to keep you alive, the party is responsible for enforcing it's own law and order, joke actions will (usually) be taken literally >:)

Don't sign up unless you plan to be very active in the next couple days. Last time (years ago) people took this pretty seriously.

You are a band of exiles from the city of Main Lobby marooned on the shore of an island after a storm destroyed your vessel. A dense, dark forest surrounds the beach you're lucky to have drifted to. At the boundary of the forest you see a small grassy clearing with a cave entrance. At the foot of the cave entrance, a dead and bloodied body, pocked by bullet holes.

Just as you feared.. This is no ordinary island. Your party has found the final destination of all the worst banned users and undesirables of Epicmafia. As far as you know, no one has ever returned from this place. Welcome to..

...Outcast Island

Beach (Last updated page 37): https://i.imgur.com/SFAfJrC.png

Cave antechamber (Last updated page 59): https://i.imgur.com/eV6ggdc.png

Lucid's chamber (Last updated page 37): https://i.imgur.com/jzMornY.png

Zovea's hideout (Last updated page 65): https://i.imgur.com/3pLTEFD.png

Party Inventory: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nEK47jbcT0Z0sWyBHikIEG9fPFTHu1AsU0JWglvhuLk/edit?usp=sharing

Character sheet template, courtesy of marry: https://i.imgur.com/aUQDLHW.png

Artic9h 3m
-bow to zovea and say i want to be his apprentice too, claiming that i love logic. and that im willing to do anything.
Artic9h 3m
those are definitely worm eggs and theyre definitely DANGEROUS
honey8h 58m
i can raise them.. show them a more gentle way of living
Artic8h 39m
can horrible man-eater worms really see the light ...
honey8h 26m
time to test the nature vs nurture theory
honey8h 25m
forgot how that one goes though
joqiza2h 3m
i'll switch with honey i guess

joqiza let me know when you head through the right tunnel i'll follow u
- I go down the right tunnel @Arcbell, gun at the ready
this1h 9m
-i ask: "is anybody here? i just arrived from what I think that is another world"
this1h 9m

glad to play this game :)
shady1h 7m
hi this
caeda35m 56s
hello, im up very early due to Real Life Hell but im up TOO early so i will spend some time makinf some posts
are you ok?
caeda34m 30s
Maybe artic would be up for trying to reroll gear too. Maybe he's finally rolls a katana lol
im down for keeping my stuff and just trying to get a Katana during the Journey honestly

(also a self-proclaimed samurai not even having a katana sounds pretty funny to me)
i understand. im just curious what you could possibly roll? you can choose between if you want to keep your original stuff from thirty lol. i will definently be getting fresh stuff cause i find it hard to play myself when i didnt get to pick my starting attributes
caeda28m 46s
forgot how that one goes though
Nature actually wins out lol
caeda27m 5s
-i ask: "is anybody here? i just arrived from what I think that is another world"
Arcbell, the host will place you in the story lol
Arcbell15m 24s
Good afternoon.

this, you are playing as yourself. You have staypositivefriend's old inventory, consisting of:

- 3 razor edged MewithoutYou cds (shuriken)
- 1 empty pokeball
- 1 notebook and pen

You are currently in a cave on outcast island, having been forced at gunpoint to search for something called the golden pineapple. You are in Zovea's hideout, and you can't see anything except a faint glow from the flowing water. Shady and marry are both in the room with you.

(marry is being subbed out soon btw and will help host)
Arcbell14m 42s
Hopefully the other players can fill you in on the plan / all the details.

Will update shady's encounter with Zovea and other player actions in a bit once I have time to sit down


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