Personality Tier List125

Anne6mon 1d

I will rank your personality on how good it is. You can even ask me to rank other people's personalities. I will give one sentence explanation. Ty


meg: The light of my life, the bees in my knees, my wife in sickness and health. I will always love u and ur personality.


staypositivefriend: ur gay and one of the reasons i still play on this sh!t site.

will: ty for forgiving me for my sins and i am glad we can hate on the same people without having to say anything and also u are cute.

queen: the personality of a queen and also my girlfriend, i am still getting ads for those glitter boots bc of u.

wink: epicmafia's sweetheart and v forgiving and cool and nice and awesome.

SinB: a great set of personalities with this one, never flames and is v smart and also asian.

VanityPrime: u a real one that will listen to us all complain about our dumb problems no matter how braindead they may seem and that takes a lot of personality.

Best: you possess a rare personality, one that enjoys being verbally harassed and put down while also maintaining a false sense of pride.

emily: pretending to be white to score internet privilege is about the smartest thing i've ever heard of.


alexandra: will never forgive u for stealing away walter and also u are a mod brings down the score a bit since mods have worse personalities in order to be mods.

D3xTr0m3th0rph4n: u are so funny and nice but also u sometimes creep my friends out and u hit on me even tho u have gf but dw u A in my heart.

jeff: u are funny af and we share the belief that some people deserve to be cyber bullied which i think is important on this website but u have vegged too many of my games smh

Lumos: v funny but u gotta stop giving these em wh0res the time of day because it just makes u both look sad but u are cool af.

Senty: i like that u can take my verbal harassment and still come back for more but stay away from D tier Mouths por favor.

syd: honestly u have been improving ur personality a lot lately, before u were a C but lately u have been a B so congrats, the personality transplant was successful.

ivana: honestly loving d!ck is about the best personality trait one can have.

Matt: ur p weird and hate abortions and personally i love them but u successfully kicked whiney b!tch evo out of the games lobby server which is p damn awesome and people like playing games with u.

Chinatsu: has the personality and tastes of a lesbian, but the views of a straight woman and for that reason your personality can never progress beyond a B.

Alyssa: now that you've abandoned modhood, your personality can flourish and become less capitalist and you have banned many F tiers from your lobby meaning you must have a pretty good personality.


Sonrio: average personality and u are gay and also make bad mistakes in my gaymes due to personality deficits.

Spooky: kinda creepy the way u talk to girls and record discord conversations but u make funny videos to hide ur personality fractures.

Elfen: another average personality but also u were a mod for a v long time and i never really forgot that and as we all know, mods tend to have lower ranking personalities in order to mod.

jacobkrin: u play in sandbox so already ur personality is a bit dented but u are nicer than most of them, might want to look into personality surgery to give u bigger personalities.

DiSoRiEnTeD: u are a kid so ur personality is still developing and u are immature but also u hate on the D tiers and F tiers of epicmafia society so at the v least u have good awareness.

emma: ur too nice and too accommodating which is why gross eboys thirst after u and also u need to stand up for urself more and kill people with words.

Fegelin97: low social awareness and u are always killing convos but u know a lot of interesting facts which proves u have more depth than all of D and F tier combined.

elsies: keysmashing makes up about 50% of ur personality and the other 50% is ariana grande or someone generic like that but at least u are fun to talk to.

Arcbell: obsessed with being the smartest guy in the room, but only really successful at looking like one of the dumbest with ur pretentious devil's advocate arguments that only really help the D and F tiers of em society.

Songin: u are a nerd and like to be in control of things even if they dont matter and u would f!ck any girl on em basically which is nasty but people depend on u for ur smartness.

LaserVP: one game u cried so hard over me bodying you in vdli that it was kind of pathetic then u continued to grudge me but now u seem more chill so i think u may have been taking some personality classes.

Citadel: pretentious like most of the people later down on the list, still takes pride in sniping a trophy from me nearly an entire year later because he has never come close to achieving anything else meaningful.

aquarius: nice person, but too naive when it comes to befriending certain D and F tier users and dates some cringe guy that refers to himself as an "Uprizzle" or "Big Z".


MisterPresident: ngl you are v pretentious and i hate pretentious people v much and u like to play devil's advocate and i am religious so sorry but we do share some opinions.

Milton1234: ur personality is an accumulation of everyone else's personality so it cannot be a v highly ranked one since it is plagiarized but u are young so u still have time to manufacture ur own.

Coolkid66: v pretentious and u try to act smart but it is obvious u are not because u are 16 and know nothing, truly very ignorant.

Nisreen: always in everyone's business bc u crave drama bc nothing is going on in ur own life and also u tend to defend p bad users because i think u think it makes u look edgy and cool or maybe they give u attention but either way pls educate ur personality.

evo: trolling isnt a good personality trait but even if it was u are way too dramatic and always trying to pick fights with people and no one can tell if its to seem cool or bc u have legitimately such a void in ur life u need to be constantly starting sh!t.

LastProphet: pretty pretentious and has an abundance of personality flaws that lead me to believe that maybe he received some type of injury, so i cannot in good conscience put him in F tier when he struggles very hard to make conversation with himself.

starrydash: kind of have the personality of a potato and u are very easy to fool and i am p sure u are just a catfish so ur personality is almost entirely ironic and fake anyways.

denial: imagine being named daniel and living in california with a nice tech job and choosing to admin epicmafia in your free time while you chat online with your internet girlfriend from japan.


Dkkoba: v whiney and complains too much and expects world to revolve around them and they voted on this poll so they are liable to be ranked also they cheated.

vwxyz: ur fake as heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell and even if i accepted ur fakeness at face value, what i see is a guy chasing after vulnerable and attention hungry egirls for validation which is quite sad.

ichigo: u are dating steve which indicates to me that you have severe personality cracks and are in need of a new one, also u spammed the n word when ur a pasty white b!tch.

steve: his entire personality is cheating, whether it be in epicmafia games or on the women he dates and i think he sounds like he smells bad irl.

lanaApr 9, 2020
i didnt ask for a tier get me off of this or i will report for harassment
you commented on this thread multiple times and even gave anne a ranking yourself
evoApr 9, 2020
Get me off now
ThirtyApr 9, 2020
Get me off now
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
calciumkidApr 9, 2020
I think he's earned a spot in F tier
evoApr 9, 2020
take me off
Do you have a good personality?