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Transcend11d 12h

Alright so there's been a massive increase of Forum Games recently, and this makes me happy. However, if too many games get hosted at once, they won't all fill. So to organize the flow of things and make sure that everyone has a fair chance of hosting, I'm going to implement a Forum Game Queue.

There are two purposes for this thread. Firstly, for people to sign up and be placed in the queue if they want to host something. Second of all, it will be used to show what all is being hosted and when.

There will be 4 categories that games will be categorized under.

Firstly is Long Term On Site Games (LTOSG). This will be for basic forum games such as Forum Mafia or Resistance. Do note that any game will use the principle called Wisdom of the Mod (WOTM). You will be able to accept and reject anyone from joining your game. This is up to your discretion and no one else's.

Second is Site Competitions/Tournaments (SCT). These will be events that happen over a long period of time, but don't exactly happen on the forums. There's not going to be a queue for this at the moment but that will change if I feel it's necessary.

Third is Off-site/ORGS (OSO). This will be for games hosted outside of the website, whether it's on a Discord or an entirely different platform. If you want to advertise your game that doesn't take place on the website, please post it in this thread.

The final category is Single Day Events (SDE). This category is reserved for events that will happen in the course of one day, at a specific time. However, I will only allow one SDE to be hosted per day unless there's a rapid increase of SDE games that fill quite easily.

All of these games will be referred to as "Forum Games" for simplicity, even if they don't take place on the forums. So here's what the current queue looks like, please confront me if I missed anything.




  • ISamEI's "Raging Loop Speed Org/Discord Game"

  • KinkajusRevenge's "Pokemon Mafia"

    • Status: In the making
    • Information: To be held on Discord


Arcbell8d 15h
and I agree the thread itself is good, it's nice and shows everyone how much activity there is and how many games there are to choose from
matt8d 15h
K i'll fix it when home but you really should've raised these concerns before the queue came into full fruition
Transcend8d 11h
it's gone.
Torreador7d 6h
Ok, if it's wild west then i'm going to create my game as well. It's a different style than Secret Hitler and the DND stuff.
Transcend6d 22h
I'd like to host a Pokemon Forum style mafia on discord. Can you queue me up? You can just call it "Pokemon Mafia" it would go in the long term category.
matt4d 17h
No it would go in OSO but yes i will add you when i'm home
You linked the wrong topic for the Tag Team Tourney lool
matt4d 17h
DkKoba4d 15h
Looking for a potential sub for secret hitler
No it would go in OSO but yes i will add you when i'm home
ah! Ok cool thanks
Transcend4d 11h
You can make your thread whenever you want there's no more queue.
This is the link to my Pokemon Mafia:

I'm currently collecting sing-ups on Discord


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