teach me how to cook!17

nicoI16d 20h

Hi, Nicole here. A very average cook, based on the fact I do the same dishes everytime.

My New Year Resolution was to expand my cooking and become a lil bit better at it.

PUT your recipes down below that I can try.

Things to remember:

  • I am a university student - I don't have a whole lot of money, but will have most spices and stuff!

Currently I have my cookbook with:

  • Satay Chicken Salad
  • Saag Aloo curry
warm16d 20h
i don’t have recipes bc i’m not a chef or cook sorry but i have some suggestions of food you may like to cook. chicken fajitas, BLTS(bacon lettuce tomato) sandwiches) spaghetti, chicken alfredo. i’m just naming food i like that if ur interested in you can prob look up recipes for
calciumkid16d 20h
Coco pops with coke
Ice cream with ketchup
Pasta with crisps
Lettuce with jelly
Cucumber and ketchup
calciumkid16d 20h
They're all my own and tbh u don't need to cook
Do you want to learn recipes or how to cook
nicoI16d 19h
Do you want to learn recipes or how to cook
I just want some recipes atm
putridooze16d 19h
amiable16d 17h
https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/summer-winter-chicken this is a nice simple one
that looks so good adding it to my list now
avaIon16d 16h
poor college student recipes by me, a poor college student

(i dont really have measurements because these are all my own concoctions and i just eyeball it.)

pesto scrambled eggs

- 4 egg whites
- a cup of chopped spinach
- lil teaspoon of pesto
- garlic powder, salt, pepper

eat with seasoned avocado. you will never go back.

the i-forgot-to-eat smoothie

- protein powder (chocolate preferably)
- handful of blueberries
- half a banana
- tiny bit of cinnamon
- ice

the i-forgot-to-eat smoothie: chunky monkey edition

- chocolate protein powder
- cocoa powder (optional for extra chocolatey goodness)
- a whole banana
- two scoops of peanut butter
- ice

lazy breakfast

- vanilla yogurt
- banana slices
- scoop of peanut butter or almond butter (or both)
- honey oat granola
- chia seeds


the taco tuesday

- chopped chicken in a pan with avocado oil or olive oil
- salt papper, onion powder, garlic powder, and a taco mix of ur choice
- whole wheat tortillas
- top with pico avocado lettuce and cheese
- pair with tortilla chips n salsa/guac. *chefs kiss*
warm16d 16h
obligatory taco Tuesday reference https://youtu.be/9YRDVaW1qA4
xela16d 10h
2 hot pocket go in for 3 minute and 15 second
Stir fry! It's easy, cheap and healthy!

Chop up some onions, and other veggies. Carrots, broccoli, literally anything. Mince some garlic too. Sauté with a healthy oil.

Get ginger root. Fresh is better, but if you're lazy powdered works too. Add some soy sauce and sesame oil, perhaps some other spices. Cayenne, paprika.

Cook some rice for either on the side or to mix in.

Add meat/eggs/beans for protein. This was my go-to meal for about 3 years.
redengineer16d 8h

step 1 : eat

no need to thankme
emily16d 6h
what kind of palate do you have + is there anything you don't like or like (e.g. you don't like celery and can't take spicy food)
Soluciones16d 3h
boil egg. cut in half. mix eggyolk with mayo n paprika n fill the gap of the yolk. u can add anchovy n parsley on top. delicious, easy, fast n cheap.
yachi16d 16m
sleep is free
nicoI15d 20h
what kind of palate do you have + is there anything you don't like or like (e.g. you don't like celery and can't take spicy food)
I eat everything literally. Love spicy food and love mainly every veggie
lLovePewPews15d 17h
1. a cup of me
2. a pinch of u