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JeffreyAaron2mon 10d

I have started to cook a lot more and I want to start documenting it!

Please feel free to add your own cooking :) And don't be afraid to ask me or others for recipes! Lets GOOOO cook!

Jeff1mon 19d
no this is baked and made with buffalo wing sauce and there’s no chicken. It’s cauliflower
matt1mon 19d
My sis made cauliflower wings one time and honestly? They were pretty good.
shady1mon 17d
mindful1d 6h
made this for dinner last night

was fücking good

i went with the microwave method (you'll have to use oven after anyway) and used yellow pepper instead of using multicolor peppers. purple onion. i also added salt & black pepper. i put a fat amount of cumin bc i love how it tastes. turned out pretty good!


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