Kingdom Hearts8

DkKoba2mon 16d

alright this can be general KH discussion...... but specifically wanted to start this bc of remind... so who wants to talk about how KH ripped off the concept of horcruxes from Harry Potter? and also holy shit this is kinda hype so far ngl

SonginJan 25, 2020
Doing the limit cut fights in the KH3 DLC right now and holy crap are they hard. I tried it at lvl 50 and ended up having to grind to 79 just to have a chance. I've finished 8 right now and am some having trouble with Terra-Xehanort. Haven't tried Saix yet, and am trying to beat Xigbar
deleted1mon 15d
I had the most fun with Luxord tbh, I always love his gambling battles
DkKoba1mon 13d
I had the most fun with Luxord tbh, I always love his gambling battles
luxord is my fave org member... and im sad their name is taken on here by an active person else I would have it
deleted1mon 12d
Personally I like Axel, not much of his data fight on KH2, felt too vanilla, but in general terms I like him. I was quite sad that we couldn’t use him on the DLC.
DkKoba1mon 10d
Same. I hope axel has more of a role in a future installment.
Shamzy1mon 10d
Let's talk about how Yozora is actually what Tetsuya wanted Noctis to be. He's taken his baby and merged it with his other baby.
Shamzy1mon 10d!
DkKoba1mon 8d
can't wait for a KH side game to feature him... since the secret hard boss nearly always is a hint at the upcoming game.