Town Telling 226

Apparently I didn't town tell in this game either.

matt1mon 11d
Here's how to get good at maf
Zovea1mon 11d
Zovea are u gonna let him talk to you like that. Batter him!!
I'm not on this site to engage with children.
Zovea1mon 11d
i guess it's time to include yourself in your thread since your thread includes other people who made similar mistakes to not being towny enough
screenshot which part of that game belongs in my thread and it'll go there.
Zovea1mon 11d
Here's how to get good at maf
I had to stop taking notes because there's no way to rationally evaluate inherently irrational behavior.

I can remember most of the specific fkery (if any) I'm going to be subjected to from every player I play with from memory. Logging all of that was just an exercise in self hate.
Transcend1mon 11d
i didn't ask
Imagine quoting my profile and thinking I wasn't going to respond, dumbass.


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