SinB1mon 10d

rank him as a mafia player

SinB1mon 10d!
better than sinb at mafia
MonteCarrlo1mon 10d
SinB1mon 10d!
yachi doesn't deserve to win all these games...
Zovea1mon 10d
We typically don't share alignments but in the one town game I can recall he initially tr scum then went 3/3 only to get lynched verse a maf that did nothing but tell the clear to lynch town all game.

Also he just caroled into auto win so yea Monte gets my seal of approval
hmmmm, impress me much ? 🤔
pisses me of, throw him in the dungon
joqiza1mon 10d
I played a game of VDLI with Monte once. He got hammered as stalker day 1 after spamming about how girls smell bad. Then in the graveyard he lied and told me croque was his partner then asked me if I thought he was the best player on this site. His real partner carried and he spammed "all me" "all me" in the post-game.

Decent player I give him 9/10.
loveless1mon 10d
im better and its not close
evo1mon 10d
better than you thats for sure
calciumkid1mon 9d
Joe1mon 8d
MonteCarrlo adopted me in 2013

love my daddy
leb1mon 8d
MonteCarrlo adopted me in 2013

love my daddy
sorry to hear that
Alyssa1mon 4d
terrible at hammering
Recidivism1mon 3d
Sinn, Yachi, and MonteCarrlo are all very bad players who should not be judging the ability of other players. Yachi is probably better than you both, and that is lol
MonteCarrlo is