I need a lawyer, pranay style45

Becomeclear8mon 15d

lawyer pls reward is handsome

emilyJan 13, 2020
not enough song lyrics
blacksnakemoanJan 14, 2020
not enough song lyrics
hey u!
blacksnakemoanJan 14, 2020
talking about a specific incident of something you were accused of doing in pics pls is not the same thing as saying you molest children zovea.
zovea has a point though. i reported jeff for calling me a paedophile 19 months ago and all he got was a note.


the mods on this site are total clowns when it comes to harassment vios, yet somehow jeff always gets the vio when he's the one reporting someone.
blacksnakemoanJan 14, 2020
maybe mods could just start giving out vios for harassment from people who repeatedly do it rather than a note, but what would i know
ZoveaJan 14, 2020

nor is anyone saying “zovea is a pedophile”.
Some people just go out of their way to make it clear that you shouldn't have any respect for them.