song4u - by nicole24

nicoI5mon 25d

Inspired by others - comment and ill give you a song that either;

a. Reminds me of you in some shape and form

b. I think you would like

You can decide which option it is :)

also AMA because im bored on a saturday cos its terrible weather

this is my song i give myself because i have issues with love lol

Part of the reason I’m easily hurt Part of the reason I’m leaving you first Pardon that, part of me give my apologies I know that working on it never works

... Don’t be ashamed you see love is a game and I still want to play I’m just too scared to lose and I know you are too

miltonJan 11, 2020
devinJan 11, 2020
MemojiJan 13, 2020
SteelixMegaJan 13, 2020


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